Projects: Field One

Please use HEADPHONES.

A trip in Siena and the aim to record and "translate" an astonishing square like "Piazza del campo" into sounds.
The basic idea was making different (field) recordings of the square in different points of it, processing, then rendering the result. Recordings are spatially placed exactly where they were got, left on the left, right on the right, plus a couple of stereo recordings both proportionally panned.
The processing has been made using the measures of the square itself and after some corrections i opted for simple delayed tracks added: 121ms on the left channel and 212 on the right one, which are the lengths respectively of the straight and the bent side of the (non squared) square. The full track is 3:33, exactly the lenght of a lap.
All this exasperate pannings give to the track a kind of fake-binaural effect, approximately what you hear standing in the true center of the shell.
I've been surprised by the "self generation" of the Mid channel using recordings taken in different moments.

August 2015, Tuscany.