Soft Tools: Intro

Digital technologies can do things that in the analog domain are simply not possible and, above all, they keep on growing, especially these days are continuously duplicating power and halving costs. On the other hand, seems that today the majority of synthesizer brands are much more focused on reissuing old instruments, old circuitries and old concepts instead of thinking new ones. That's anachronistic to me, electronic music is not synonymous of retrospective, and for sure wasn't born to drown in the past.
As you understand, because of my experiences and my views, i'm a big supporter of binary circuitries. Be aware: future is quantistic!
Here are some of my instruments, right now i mainly program in Pure Data, if you don'know what it is, Pure Data is a visual programming language developed by Miller Puckette in the 1990s for creating interactive computer music and multimedia works. A high-level programming language, this is the Official site.
Code über alles!
This is an alchemical sound lab, an interpolating foundry, an electric lutherie.

Usage: You are free to use available tools for your purposes, to modify them but of course not to resell them.
Please, if required credit me as the author.

Every device of course runs on latest Vanilla, just pay attention on required externals.
By now they are all maintained, so future updates may come in every moment without notification, always check latest release version.

If you want you can let me know how, where and when you used my tools (eg: live act, stuio works, etc...). I'd be glad and curious to see it.

For any suggestion, upgrade, bug report, question, anything, just mail me.