Soft Tools: LD-IV

This is a two slot stereo\mono looping device. Once an audio file is loaded it can be just played straight or looped, playing modes can then be blended togheter.
Loops are triggered from three different sources: Manual, Sequencer or Event Generator, forward or backward.
Parameters such as Span (proportional loop lenght), Pitch and Destroy (distortion) have same independent source control.
Set in the sequencer tempo (BPM), divisor, number of steps, direction and run it: steps and values are dropped to selected destinations and quick resets are available.
Event Generator simply reads the audio file from the beggining and extracts values used as source to set loop trig, direction and any other selected parameter, just choose how fast does it read.
Crossfader and pre fader listening provide total control in live contexts.
Every slot has its own stereo width, then the master section is completed with reverb and delay. Spread control separates channels: One on the left and Two on the right.


Required Externals: Freeverb, Cyclone, Ext13.

Release: Version 1.0 (Download)