Soft Tools: RS-IV

Maybe calling this a resynthesizer is what gives you the closest idea of what it is. This does not generate sounds by itself, but needs to be fed with an audio source, whether direct audio in (e.g. a plugged in microphone) or pre recorded audio.
The operating mechanism is not that complicated, it is like a portion of the incoming audio gets "photographed", this "picture" is the wave that feeds some continuosly crossfading wavetable oscillators. This wave can be longer or shorter, depends on the settings applied via the resolution slider, then frequency is in first place determined by the amplitude of the captured and analyzed signal, then multiplied for an arbitrary value set with the range amount. In automatic and sequencer mode timing determines the frequency of the "shutter", shorter timings are closer to the original sound, longer ones create a kind of landscape.
Yes, this is quite close to granular synthesis and is designed to be a good mate for live electronics and stuff like that.
A crossfader blends the original signal, a simple lowpass filter cuts things out and a dynamic range controller\saturator shapes it all.
Chain is completed by a simple reverb and a ten voice delay where timings are defined by Fibonacci's sequence.


Required Externals: Freeverb, Cyclone.

Release: Currently unavailable.