Soft Tools: S-VI

This is a 6-slots sequenced, polyrhythmic sampler. The idea behind was to create a complex and very versatile sampler, which could handle both one-shot samples, stretched loops and sync\mix them all togheter.
Every slot has its own controls and its independent, except for the clock, sequencer. So on every slot the number of steps can be individually set, polyrhythmic pattern are so in reach.
Loops and even samples loaded can be stretched exactly in a number of user defined steps keeping everything in perfect sync. Anyway, sync is just an option and any slot can be used just to loop the uploaded sample. In the same way the sequencer use is not compulsory but optional as shown in the second demo vid.
Manual manipulation and drawing of the sample is allowed.


Showing large arrays may be not that light on the CPU so i've also made a slight lighter version which doesn't show the samples loaded on slots but only the names.

S-VI (Light)

Required Externals: Freeverb, Cyclone, Motex, Ext13.

Release: Version 1.0 (Download)